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  • Understand the change curve 

  • Minimise nonconstructive attitudes

  • Learn effective feedback

  • Explore organisational self belief 

  • Understand beliefs that hinder growth

  • Communicate with intention

  • Investigate the goal and obstacles

  • Explore the stress response & own the space

  • Understand physical, verbal & vocal communication

  • Conflict Resolution Styles

  • Content plus Relationship

  • Investigate types of listening



The Resilience Road Map Programs ½, 1 or 2 Day Workshops’ for teams and their Leaders will encompass the internal processes and the external interactions affecting both our personal and professional lives. 

Interactive, informative and experiential, these workshops are designed to guide you so as to reach your full potential and impact business goals.

​We use actors and case studies to reflect the wins, issues, and concerns of the business. 

You are guaranteed to:

A) Take away a tool box of strategies you can apply in the workplace to deal with both intra and interpersonal behaviour.

B) Integrate new communication tools and strategies into your business to strengthen resilience, improve communication, and accelerate progress.

C) Have fun. 

The ROI:

  • Approach clients with greater confidence.

  • Better manage sales setbacks.

  • Communicate as a leader. 

  • Collaborate in a team.

  • Heighten purpose and intention.

  • Grow the leaders of the future.


My Approach to Building Resilience:

Different resilience pieces make up the “Resilience Wheel”, a six part structure to help individuals and teams step into their power to strengthen relationships and deepen engagement to boost business goals.

The Resilience Road Map is designed for massive impact, to give you the tools to authentically thrive, regardless of life circumstances.

















To learn more about The Resilience Road Map or to discuss the needs of your team you can reach out at: or and find me on LinkedIn.

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