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Author & WRITER 

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A book of metaphysical and practical “how-tos” to get you from totally beside yourself to totally rock and roll.

“Radical Rock and Roll Resilience” is the must-read book for those who desperately need self-help but want to keep it undercover; who might have the fuel to kickstart their life but have no idea how to build the rocket.

Radical Rock and Roll Resilience, will help you to:

  • Understand why You Roll the Way you Do to Transform Limiting Beliefs.

  • Turn Your Pain into Power& Rewrite Your Story. 

  • Direct your Emotions So They Don’t Direct You.

  • Use your Ultimate Superpowers to Crack into the Field of Limitless Possibilities.

  • Raise your Vibration& Clear Your Blocks to the Good Stuff.

  • Shoulder a Swag of Strategies to Attract Your Deepest Desires.

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This work/soul book accompanies “Radical Rock and Roll Resilience” - the book.


It is ready and waiting to be your very own personal, soul fuelled pit stop. 

Navigate your way soulfully through the challenges of life, knowing you're intentionally creating your Resilience.


By Anni Finsterer

Girl Wild is a cheeky drama exploring love, abandonment, fantasies, lust, lies, stalking, mental illness, self retribution, identity, loneliness and the desperate need to belong. 

Whilst waiting for the arrival of Natasha, a well respected actor, a young rapper, tells Natasha's estranged daughter of their intimate bond. When Phil's violent outburst backfires, Tash arrives home to find her daughter and an obsessed fan with a serious injury. The play explores the stories we tell ourselves to survive, the consequences for leaving your family to follow your heart, the vulnerability of live performance, the art form of theatre as both a passion and escape, and the dire consequences of making a mistake as simple as spilling someone's drugs from off their spoon.

Shortlisted for the Rodney Seaborn Playwright's Award, 2018.

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