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I'm so glad you're here!

There's never been a better time to start the journey to resilience.


Are you ready? 

You were born ready.

Let's go!

All the love,


Hi I'm Anni!

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Heya, I'm Anni...


This is me and here I am. I wear a lot of different hats and sometimes they all come together in the one place. 


I’m an Actor, Author, Speaker, Corporate Facilitator, Resilience Consultant, Acting Coach, and English and Drama Teacher. Not always in that order. And I’m a Mother too.


Who am I really? I’m here to help people just like you to connect to your resilience. As an individual, you can learn how to build it, and as a visionary leader, you can help others build it too.

Oh, and I believe in one really crucial life ingredient - resilience - but here’s the kicker. You have it already. It’s part of your uniqueness. Despite what’s rolled for you, despite what you think about yourself, you are brilliantly, uniquely resilient.

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The book that has started a resilience-revolution...

In a style that's all beer, no froth this is "must read" for anyone who wants to kick-start their life and turn their pain into power!

A keynote speaker, ready to share her story with you and implement change in your life...

Anni's shots of motivation will help you to:

  • Bounce unhelpful thoughts

  • Build Bold Beliefs

  • Flip your fears into fuel

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