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THE TRUE STORY OF THE NED KELLY GANG: Role: Mrs Gill. Dir. Justin Kurzel

SWEET COUNTRY: Role: Nell. Dir: Warwick Thornton

TEENAGE KICKS: Role: Illona. Dir: Craig Boreham

JOHNNY GHOST: Lead Role: Millicent. Dir: Donna McRae

PRIME MOVER: Role: Jan. Dir: David Caesar. Porchlight Films

THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN: Role: Journalist. Dir: Scott Hicks

SLEEPING BEAUTY: Role: Woman on train. Dir: Julia Leigh

TO HAVE & TO HOLD: Role: Rose. Dir: John Hillcoat

QUEEN OF THE DAMNED: Role: Vampire. Dir: Michael Rymer

STRANGE FITS OF PASSION: Role: Judy. Dir: Elise McCredie

BIGGER THAN TINA: Role: Jacinta Fellows. Dir: Neil Foley




WOLF: Role: Mother. Dir: Liz Cooper

STRANGE TOURIST: Role: Gena. Dir: Joshua Aylett

DEVINE IS DEAD: Role: Kate Devine. Dir: Margaret McHugh

TOUCH: Role: Sue. Dir: Heather Phillips

BLUE MONDAY: Role: Mum. Dir: Craig Boreham

GRACE: Role: Woman. Dir: Liz Cooper

THE UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE: Role: Nellie Bath. Dir: Jackie Shultz

LESSONS IN THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE: Role: Nicki. Dir: Scott Patterson



HARROW: Role: Jenny. Dir: Tony Tilse. 

THE GLOAMING: Role: Eileen McGinty. Dir: Greg McLean/Sian Davies.

RECKONING: Role: Karen. Dir: Peter Andrikides

WENTWORTH Season 7: Role: May Jenkins. Dir: Beck Cole, Fiona Banks, Kevin Carlin.

RAKE: Role: Judge. Dir: Shannon Murphy

SECRET CITY: Role: Hartzig. Foxtel. Dir: Emma Freeman

GLITCH: Role: Caroline. Matchbox Pictures. Dir: Emma Freeman

UNDERBELLY: Badness: Role: Diane. Screentime / Nine Network

3 ACTS OF MURDER (telemovie): Role: Anne Upfield. Dir: Rowan Woods

Anni was awarded an AFI Award for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Drama for 3 Acts of Murder


CITY HOMICIDE: Role: Megan Black. Dir: Daina Reid / Seven Network

ALL SAINTS: Role: Gemma Lee. Channel 7

HOME AND AWAY: Role: Cathy. Seven Network

ALL SAINTS: Role: Stefanie Garrett. Dir: Peter Fisk /. Seven Network

LOVE MY WAY: Role: Wendy. Dir: Garth Davis / Foxtel

ALL SAINTS: Role: Gina Finch. Seven Network

STINGERS: Role: Susie. Simpson Le Mesurier Films / Nine Network

HALIFAX F.P: Role: Maxine. Simpson Le Mesurier Films / Nine Network

EUGENIE SANDLER P.I: Role: Irene Kendall. ABC

GOOD GUYS BAD GUYS: Role: Sgt. Hawthorn. Simpson Le Mesurier Films / Nine Network

STATE CORONER: Role: Daria Bond. Crawford Productions

BLUE HEELERS: Role: Danielle Simpson. Southern Star / Seven Network

SKY TRACKERS (TV Movie): Role: Scientist Dir: John Power / ACTF

POLICE RESCUE: Role: Agnes. Southern Star /ABC

SONS AND DAUGHTERS: Role: waitress. Grundys / Seven Network



THE READERS: Role: Annie. Dir: Elizabeth Nabben

IN REAL LIFE: Role: Theresa. Dir: Luke Rogers

THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY: Role: Harry. Mardi Gras festival

PARRAMATTA GIRLS: Role: Melanie. Dir: Tanya Goldberg. Riverside Theatre

JESUS HOPPED THE A TRAIN: Role: Mary Jane. Dir: Wayne Blair

OTHELLO: Role: Emilia. Dir: Marion Potts. Bell Shakespeare Co.

MACBETH: Role: Macbeth. Dir: Robert Menzies. Sydney Theatre Company

THE WORLD’S WIFE: Role: Various: Ariette Taylor. Melbourne Theatre Company

RAYS TEMPEST: Role: Ruth. Dir: Richard Roxburgh. Belvoir St Theatre

THE THREEPENNY OPERA: Role: Various. Dir: Benedict Andrews. Belvoir Street

KIMBERLY AKIMBO: Role: Debra. Dir: Kate Gaul. Ensemble Theatre

RABBIT: Role: Kate. Dir: Kate Gaul. Griffin Theatre

GRAVEGNOMES: Role: Norm. Dir: Anni Finsterer. La Mama Theatre

KADDISH: Role: Woman. Dir: Ariette Taylor. Sydney Opera House for Sydney Festival

BENEATH HEAVEN: Role: Various. Dir: Ariette Taylor. Keene/Taylor Theatre Company

SCISSORS PAPER ROCK: Role: Wife. Dir: Ariette Taylor. Keene/Taylor Theatre Company

POOR SUPERMAN: Role: Shannon. Dir: David Berthold, Sydney Theatre Company

SHARON LILY SCREWDRIVER: Role: Sharon. Dir: Andrew Lewis. Griffin Theatre

THE THREEPENNY OPERA: Role: Various. Dir: Simon Phillips. Melbourne Theatre Company

ANTONY & CLEOPATRA: Role: Cleopatra. Dir: John Howard. Sydney Theatre Company

THE LOADED UTE: Role: Various. Dir: John Howard. Sydney Theatre Company

THE WOMEN OF TROY: Role: Talthybius. Dir: Michael Gow. Sydney Theatre Company

THE PRESENT: Role: Jenny. Dir: Craig Ilott. Courthouse Theatre

HAMLET: Role: Gertrude. Dir: Mike Smith. Theatre UpNorth

MACBETH: Role: Lady Macbeth. Dir: Greg Saunders. Melbourne Theatre Company

GLIGAMESH: Role: Ishtar. Dir: Bryan Nason. Queensland Theatre Company

LENZ: Role: Various: Dir: Michael Kantor. Melbourne Festival

A CHRISTMAS CAROL: Dir: Craig Mathewson. American Drama Group Europe touring Asia/




Australian National Playwriting Centre – Sydney, Adelaide.

STC – Rough Drafts

Playwriting Australia

Belvoir St Playwriting Development

Malthouse Theatre, VIC

La Mama Theatre

Performing Lines W.A



Finalist Rodney Seaborn playwriting award 2018 for GIRL WILD

One Track Crackerjacks – TV series. Current

Sullivan – Play and Feature film. Current

The Faculty of Imagination: Web Series. Current

Sunshine Boy: In development for TV. Current.

The Hunt, 24 Hour Theatre Project 2013 for Red Hot Arts Festival.

School of Life, Australian Script Centre.

School of Life, Teacher Notes for Parramatta Riverside Theatre

Shoehorn Sonata, Teacher Notes for Parramatta Riverside Theatre

The Girl in the Hospital Bed, Novella

Happiness is a Place Called School: Showcase Newtown Performing Arts.

Gravegnomes. In: Baxter, V. (ed.) Telling Time

Alive and Kicking Sitcom with CBS, America.

Bloodwood: Australian Peoples Theatre, Sydney Theatre Company.

2013-1016: Forum Theatre Programs: for Learning and Development – Community, Education

and Corporate Sectors.



University of Western Sydney, Bachelor of Performing Arts, Graduate

Graduate Diploma of Education in Drama and English, University of New England.

Golden Key Recipient for outstanding academic achievement

Certificate 4 Training & Assessment

Mental Health First Aid Facilitator

NLP Practitioner, Neuro Semantic Practitioner





Powerhouse performances including Anni Finsterer is imposing as the dragon mum, dominant, domineering and diabolical. 

Australian Stage



In Real Life is a lovely little play, well-crafted and highly intelligent. It’s a joy to watch – not just because of the superb performance of Anni Finsterer.

Lisa Thatcher


THE READERS at Belvoir St

The third wheel Annie, a flimsy character with arguably unconvincing traits, is performed by Anni Finsterer who plays up the silliness to great effect, for moments of extraordinary hamminess that prove surprisingly delightful.


OTHELLO at Bell Shakespeare 

Anni Finsterer is terrific as Emilia, Desdemona’s maid. The point at which she joins the dots together in the final act is scintillating, the dramatic high point of Shakespeare’s messy pile up of bodies in the final act. 

Sydney Morning Herald


OTHELLO at Bell Shakespeare 

Anni Finsterer as Iago’s wife and maid Emilia, comes brilliantly into her own to belatedly restore logic and truth in the claustrophobic, grim death bed finale.

The Australian


ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA at Sydney Theatre Company

Anni Finsterer is a memorable Cleopatra, more for her seductress’s voice, purring in contralto, then projecting like a baritone’s than for her eloquent navel and hips, skilfully unclad by designer Kym Barrett. The actor’s sensibility is driving the voice is secure, generating enjoyment both for audience and for the performer herself. 

Sydney Morning Herald


ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA at Sydney Theatre Company

Anni Finsterer as Cleopatra has the vocal interpretative resources to do the words clearly and so lead us through one of Shakespeare’s more hectic story lines. 

The Australian


ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA at Sydney Theatre Company

Finsterer’s remarkable vocal range and striking screen presence capture the masculine qualities the Queen enjoys.

The Sun Herald


POOR SUPERMAN at Sydney Theatre Company

Anni Finsterer gives a remarkable performance as Shannon. The woman with a penis. Her characters wise cracking courage in the face of death underscores the struggles of the enduring survivors.

The Australian


POOR SUPERMAN at Sydney Theatre Company

A standout performance from Anni Finsterer as the ill-fated transvestite, Shannon. 

Star Observer


KIMBERLY AKIMBO at Ensemble Theatre.

Anni Finsterer plays a classic mad aunt, fresh out of jail, coming down from drugs, whose latest scam kicks the story into the second act.

Sydney Morning Herald


RAY’S TEMPEST at Belvoir St Theatre

Finsterer is wonderful as Ruthie, who builds a new life after her family is destroyed and also finds sobriety.



RAY’S TEMPEST at Belvoir St Theatre

Anni Finsterer is great as Ruthie, the ex wife, tough and tender like a country and western singer who knows her man well and so leaves him but who comes back from more in the emotional ending.

The Australian


RAY’S TEMPEST at Belvoir St Theatre

Finsterer’s Ruthie is both complex and watchable. 

Sydney Morning Herald


THE WORLD’S WIFE Melbourne Theatre Company. 

One of the pleasures of the show is the broadness of its emotional range but above all it is the acting of Anni Finsterer that delights. 



The neurotic Beck, Anni Finsterer is an aggressive nymphomaniac who appears to be on a continuously bad trip. Both the Finsterer’s, brother and sister, are absolutely charismatic performers. It’s hard to take your eyes off them when they are on the stage. 

The Age



Anni Finsterer plays detached bittersweet woman who takes Tom in for a week before she herself moves on is a small gem.

The Australian



They are all superb, not the least Finsterer herself, who has an orchestral voice and a face and body to drive men and maybe some women, mad. As Sylv, Anni Finsterer has her vocal gymnastics fully under control. Every word from her is clear, her changes in pitch and tone add an exciting dynamic to her work. 

The Australian



A terrific performance from Finsterer as Sylv. She has an astonishing vocal range and projects an unusual air of sensual hunger. 

The Sun Herald



Anni Finsterer gave the character of Lynn haunted depth where she might have been merely camp and exhibionistic in portraying that characters faded glory.

The Sydney Review



Anni Finsterer is an outstanding actor. She plays Lynn, a former amateur opera singer who suffers from delusions of lusty grandeur and whose emotions swivel between smouldering belligerence and hyperventilating terror.

The Sun Herald



Anni Finsterer is exciting as the lascivious and demonic goddess Ishtar.

The Bulletin